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About Us

    ORT Technology Co.,LTD is a high technology-focused company, aimed for improving the people’s life by innovation in the fields of Manufacturing-related services and products that include healthcare and consumer electronics as well as animal repeller. The LCM DMF-50036ZNBU-FW-BAN we produced widely used in products like medical devices,gas,and ocean equipment as well as toy cars, model aircraft, animal repellers,electrics, oral irrigator etc.We have CNC machining service which sporting gear such as sight adjusting tool,carry handle,QD sling swivel,keymod handguard,and blank firing adaptor made for clients.

    We offer cost-effective, practical solutions for our clients. We have ideas for improving the existed products and develop new products by the way of optimizing the supply resources, lower costs to raise competitiveness.Founded in 2001,ORT technology have rich experience in international trading. patent laws, and all over services. We are willing to spend long time to discuss the potential markets and developing new products with our clients, suppliers, and co-workers. Because we know only professional solution is the key to success in your field.
    We are looking forward to your valuable advice. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about various assistive products available today to help meet your special needs or that of someone you know, and set a path for a more enjoyable and productive lifestyle.




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