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AR15M16 handguard machining and manufacturing
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We provide custom-made AR15M16 handguard parts machining and manufacturing services with high efficiency CNC machining technology and manufacturing management.

CNC Machining handguard keymod rail system

Features of sample:

Item: Steel Barrel, Nut Ultralight KeyMod Handguard Rail
Material : T6 6061 Aluminum
Color : Black
Length : 9 Inches / 230mm
Steel Barrel Nut Thread Spec.: 1-1/4-18 UNC 
Package included: 
Handguard + Allen Key + Steel Barrel Nut + Shims

Why Machining handguard with us ?

1. We are focusing on tactical gear machining and manufacturing with rich experiences in this field.
2. Our Equipment and working system are customized for making this kind of parts.
3. Ensure you the most efficient mass manufacturing processes.
4. Reduce risk. Delivery your goods quickly.
5.High precision.
6.Low to medium volumes.
7.Easy communication, we speak English language,know machining process,material,and management.
8.Patent protection. We keep all your information and design only for making products for you. Do not release to third party.
 That's why we don't have post much information at website,actually, We have large range of sucessful projects.

Working process:

Sourcing material, Milling sot, CNC drilling hole , rounding chamfer,deburring,sand blasting,polishing, test,assemble ,packing

Our Equipment are especially for machining and manufacturing Handguard

1.Machine base is T shape, which connects directly with worktable. Worktable moves in Z axis only so it has better dynamic loading capacity and better precision stablity.
2.The linear guides of X axis are placed in ladder shape. So column can better resist the direct shock force from machining.
3.Headstock is at front side of column, it is very suitable for large hole deep drilling machining of box shaped parts.
We have CNC center, drilling machine, milling machine, etc. see page:

Material for making handguard:

Among the more popular alloys, 6061 aluminum and 5052 aluminum provide manufacturers with a variety of options, thanks to their unique characteristics. While both possess the properties that make aluminum one of the most commonly used materials in the world, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, 100% recyclability, formability, and good corrosion resistance, they also offer their own distinct attributes that allow them to specialize for particular applications. When choosing between them, it’s necessary to have a clear idea of exactly what your requirements are and a full rundown on the differences between the two.
Alloy 7075 aluminum sheet and coil have been and remain the baseline standard with a good balance of properties required for aerospace applications.  7075 aluminum sheet is among the highest strength alloys available and used in highly stressed parts.

Except CNC machining handguard ,the following related items we can make:

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  • AR15M16 handguard machining and manufacturing services factory

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  • Front End Cap for Free Float Quad Rail Handguard

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  • Mil Spec Standard AR-15 Front Sight with A2 Sight Post

Contact us:

Inquiry and send drawings:  Email:
If drawings are too big to send, just use Skype:  leoheyulei
Or Wechat: 182352408


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