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Industrial Design
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Our team of industrial designers provide innovative design concepts based on your requirements and unique vision. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore new directions resulting in products that will generate excitement and stand out in the marketplace.
Whether it's a mobile phone, a vacuum cleaner or a chair, the very best examples of industrial design seamlessly blend form and function to make products truly desirable.
Over the years, some designers' mastery of this crucial balance has elevated them to iconic status - and we've featured some of the fruits of their labour here. We all know how product design by the likes of Jonathan Ive, James Dyson or Charles Eames look and work. Chances are you already own one, or at least want one.
But we've also included some great industrial designs that you may not already have seen - some of which are on the market, while some are still at a concept stage. So whether you're a consumer hungry for the latest stylish gadget to kit out your apartment, or a designer yourself looking for inspiration.
The Product Designer is responsible for execution of comprehensive product design and structural packaging projects within PepsiCo's NYC Global Design & Innovation Center.
In this role, he/she will create world-class consumer product experiences that generate business value and drive projects from ideation to execution.
Successful candidates will demonstrate superior ability to generate, visualize and realize design solutions throughout concept development, refinement, and execution with ownership of quality of thinking and outputs.
This role requires strong proficiencies in the following: product sketching/rapid visualization, storytelling/storyboarding, ideation, renderings, 2D/3D prototyping, research & analysis, cross-functional collaboration, and presentation work.

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