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Machining sight tool
Date:2017-12-26      Views:416      Tag:Sight tool manufacturing company,Make your front or rear sight tool with our professional technology and team,perfect your parts here.

We provide custom-made sight tool machining and manufacturing services with high efficiency CNC machining technology and manufacturing management.

Features of sample

This a gunsmith tool to adjust the elevation and windage of SKS, AK, MAK and SLR95 Types Rifles front Sight; It is NOT a gun part.
This tool is designed to adjust the front sight for elevation and windage.
Completely New Design to Achieve Most Stabilized and Controlled Adjustment
Solid machined steel construction for years of dependable service
Ergonomic Grip Comfort and Higher Strength
A must have gunsmith tool , This tool is designed to adjust the front sight for elevation and windage., Solid machined steel construction for years of dependable service, Ergonomic Grip Comfort and Higher Strength.

Why Machining sight tool with us ?

1. All products 100% test by QC.We keep each clamping tool same in one color,There is no any scratch, no tiny hole on the surface.
2. All tools processed by CNC machining and Heat Treatment.
4. We are focusing on tactica gear machining and manufacturing with rich experiences in this field.
5. Our Equipment and working system are customized for making this kind of parts.
6. Ensure you the most efficient mass manufacturing processes.
7. Reduce risk. Delivery your goods quickly.
8.High precision,Low to medium volumes.
9.Easy communication, we speak English language,know machining process,material,and management.
10.Patent protection. We keep all your information and design only for making products for you. Do not release to third party.
 That's why we don't have post much information at website,actually, We have large range of sucessful projects.

Working process:
Sourcing material, Milling sot, drilling hole , rounding chamfer,deburring,sand blasting,polishing, test,assemble ,packing

Our Equipment are especially for machining and manufacturing sight tool

1. Our Drilling machine can enlarge hole,drill deep hole,tapping,boring and etc. It's efficiency, good rigid,high precision,low noise, wide speed range.which have cross table ,the table can manual feeding on cross ,longitudinal and lifting,Fast processing speed and low consumption.
2. Our milling machine are Auto infeed change 3 bearings smooth operation, the turbine phosphor bronze wear.
3.Our CNC Machine adopted on X, Y shafts, which is high rigidity, heavy-load, low friction; driving lead screw is heavy-load, low friction, high accuracy ball screw, spindle speed range is 40~6000 rpm,rapid speed is 24m/min. Timing and fixed quantity lubricant system is equipped, which prolongs the working life of machine, totally enclosed protection device is adopted, which assures the safety of worker and lustration of environment. 

We have CNC center, drilling machine, milling machine, etc. see page:

Material for making sight tool:
Among the more popular alloys, 6061 aluminum and 5052 aluminum provide manufacturers with a variety of options, thanks to their unique characteristics. While both possess the properties that make aluminum one of the most commonly used materials in the world, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, 100% recyclability, formability, and good corrosion resistance, they also offer their own distinct attributes that allow them to specialize for particular applications. When choosing between them, it’s necessary to have a clear idea of exactly what your requirements are and a full rundown on the differences between the two.
Alloy 7075 aluminum sheet and coil have been and remain the baseline standard with a good balance of properties required for aerospace applications.  7075 aluminum sheet is among the highest strength alloys available and used in highly stressed parts.
Except CNC machining sight tool ,the following related items we can make:

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