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Shenzhen Address:  Qinye business center, Xin’ An 6th Rd, 82District, Bao’An Shenzhen China. Ph: +86 13622326715
Thailand Address:  26 Soi. Bangprom 37 Bangprom,Talingchan District, Bangkok Thailand 10170.    Ph: +66 910645969 
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Machining services shenzhen company

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What are we doing outside working hours?
Working! We are hard working people, and outside working hours, we are still working on thinking, developing and testing products. We use spend time to create better products for you, so that you can have an Excellent Service - Excellent Product.
Machining services shenzhen company
Shenzhen is situated in the south of Guangdong Province, South China. Bordering on Hong Kong, it boasts very convenient transportation to Hong Kong. In the map of Shenzhen, you can see the layout of subways system of the city, the parks and the major hotels, and find its Railway Station (Luohu Railway Station) very easily.

If you come to meet us
What you do is:
Only Give us a call or Mail us about your visiting plan.
What we do are:  
1. Invitation letter ( difficult for some countries like from African and India)
2. We will pick you up at your arrived place ( airport, railway station in Shenzhen) 
3. We will invite you for dinner ( western food priority and simple Chinese food if you like)
4. Talk business at our office and go to factories. When finished work at our company. We can accompany you go to other places if you need interpreter and “driver “ free of charge in Guangdong Province.
5. Booking hotel (3-5 stars) some hotels are cheap or even free of charge.

6. Other work if you need us to help with.

Our city:

Machining services company Machining services factoryMachining services shenzhen supplier Shenzhen Machining services company
We located in Shenzhen China specializes in offering unparalleled product development, prototyping, Machining as well as manufacturing sight adjusting tool,blank firing adaptor AR15 M16 and handguard etc. we have own factory and well trained workers.

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