1. What is the disinfection of the product?

The product itself can be disinfected and cleaned with a disinfectant made by yourself, and you can put it in a cup or a clean place after use.

2. How is the quality of this machine?

Please be assured of the quality, we can replace it without man-made damage, and the service life is two to three years. Own patented products; have a production license issued by the competent authority, and have a test report issued by a third-party authoritative organization, with an effective sterilization rate of 99.99%.

3. Is the homemade disinfectant safe?

The active ingredient is the same as 84 disinfectant, which is sodium hypochlorite, which is safe. We have a sanitary license for disinfection product manufacturers and export CE FCC certification, and the materials we use are salt and water that you personally add. The disinfectant is pure and has no other additives.


4. How long is the warranty period?

Non-artificial damage, one year warranty

5. Is it easy to make?

Itchr(34)s very simple, just three steps, put a small spoonful of salt, (1g) 300~500ml water and wait for 10 minutes, please see the video and instructions.

6. Is the produced electrolyzed water edible?


7. What bacteria can be killed?

Streptococcus hemolyticus, Streptococcus viridis, Meningococcus, Pneumococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Daobacillus diphtheria, Bacillus anthracis, Bacillus tetanus, Treponema pallidum, Leptospira, Actinomycetes, Bend Bacillus, Bacillus, Pertussis, Brucella, Shigella, Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Proteus, Haemophilus, Vibrio cholerae, Helicobacter pylori


How many times can this machine be used?

No problem using hundreds of times

8. How to judge the quality of the machine? [What the guest means is to know if the machine is working properly]

You can see if there is a bubble, it is hydrogen gas that is decomposed, and you can smell the smell.

9. Does this machine generate hypochlorous acid or sodium hypochlorite? My answer is that the guest ran away after the sodium hypochlorite was generated, which was strange

Is sodium hypochlorite H20 +Nacl = naclo +H2

10. Why is the machine not responding?

It may be a problem without adding salt, please see the manual and video

11. How much disinfectant water can this machine produce at one time?

300-500ml, if the amount is large, you can do it several times.

12. How is this effect?

The main ingredients are the same as 84 disinfectant, but it is safer than 84 disinfectant. Our commonly used disinfectants have their own characteristics. 84 disinfectant is a highly irritating, highly corrosive and high-risk product. It needs to be diluted to a suitable concentration by itself. Pay attention to protection, and the dilution to the specified concentration requires precise control. In addition, due to the storage and transportation needs of the manufacturer, stabilizers are added, which will remain on the surface of the object after use. There are 84 disinfectants in the home, which must be stored out of the babychr(34)s reach.

Alcohol-based disinfectants are flammable and explosive, so you must pay attention to safety in use and storage. Alcohol is very volatile and has a very short duration, which is not suitable for killing certain bacteria.

In addition, these disinfectants are all consumables, and you have to spend money to buy them after you use them up.


13. Is this easy to install?

Just put in the salt, tighten the salt tank, and put it in the water. Please watch the video.

14. Is this sound wave?

No, it’s electrolytic sodium hypochlorite, which is 84 disinfectant

15. How long does it take to generate hypochlorous acid?

About 10 minutes 300-500ml water

16. Is the generated disinfectant water irritating?

There is some disinfectant smell, which is not very irritating.

17. Is the disinfection up to standard?

We have a test report and the product has been certified

18. How long can it be used?

Three to five years

19. Does it taste great?

There will be some taste, which is normal, but the taste will not be great.

20. How long does it take to make 4L disinfectant water?

If you press 500ml each time for 10 minutes, 4L will have to be done 8 times, which is almost an hour and a half.

23 Can the made disinfectant wash fruits?

Yes, after washing, rinse with water again