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Flagbearer Electrolytic Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Water Generator disinfector Factory direct sale diy mini electrolyzed water generator sodium hypochlorite to protect heathy with hypochlorous acid  hocl water generator
Food-grade Plastic
Making disinfectant
one pcs one color box
  • Letchr(34)s make disinfectant at home with it

Save money !
You donchr(34)t need buy disinfectant over again.
Save time !
You donchr(34)t need Blending disinfectant with specialized knowledge !
Have fun!
Make disinfectant with your kids ,friends.
Itchr(34)s very easy to make.
1.Put salt to generator 
2: Put generator into water 
3:plug into an electric power 
4: wait 10 minutes
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patented product, hot selling,CE FCC EMC certificated.
two colors available
Multi-Core Technology
humanization design
Product Usage
    • Where you can use ?

The method of use is not limited, flexible and diverse: the method of use of this product is to put it in water for electrolysis. Therefore, more and less are made, concentrated and diluted, and can be used flexibly by adjusting the time and the amount of water and salt. Whether it is used for spraying, soaking, wiping, or bottled storage, it can be easily handled.

Why our disinfectant generator more popular?
High safety: due to the accumulation of chlorine and hydrogen in the closed space of the pot and the circuit control system, the spray can generator may explode. The products of our company are put into the water in the open container, and there is no circuit control system in the fuselage, which completely eliminates this hidden danger, and users can rest assured to use.
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Company Introduction
The flag bearer belongs to the brand of Shenzhen Yilvyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, has independent R&D and production capabilities, complete qualifications, and has a number of invention patents in the "Sanitation License for Sanitary Products Manufacturing Enterprises" 02-No. 9245 Patent No.: 201510931159.X 202030148796.1. Our products: disinfectant generator, non-contact button pen, mask wearing pendant, ultraviolet disinfection pen, commercial disinfectant manufacturing instrument, etc. The product has low cost and does not need to be purchased repeatedly The disinfectant is small and portable, and can be reused. Our commonly used disinfectants have their own characteristics. 84 disinfectants are highly irritating and corrosive high-risk products. They need to be diluted to a suitable concentration by themselves. The concentration needs to be accurately grasped. In addition, due to the storage and transportation needs of the manufacturers, stabilizers are added. After use, the stabilizers are strong manufacturers, with complete qualifications, price control, large bargaining, online red explosions, and new products. The market for effective killing and sterilization is broad. , Welcome domestic and overseas, online and offline agents to discuss cooperation.

Our Services & Strength

Disinfectant generator features: (1) Small and portable: small size, easy to store, easy to carry, convenient to use no matter at home or when going out. (2) Simple, stable, and low failure: Under the premise of ensuring the use of functions, simple products are king! This product is simple in design, simple in structure, and has no circuit control system. It is difficult for failures to occur without artificial damage. The user is particularly worried about using it. (3) Low cost: Based on the principle of taking care of users for all, this product has been carefully polished for a long time to achieve the effect of simple design and streamlined modeling, which greatly saves production costs and express logistics costs, so the price is cheap and saves users Purchase costs.
5) The method of use is not limited, flexible and diverse: The method of use of this product is to put it in water for electrolysis. Therefore, make more and less, concentrate and dilute. You can use it flexibly by adjusting the time and amount of water and salt. Whether it is used for spraying, soaking, wiping, or bottled storage, it can be easily handled. (6) Green and environmental protection: only salt and water, no other additives, safety and environmental protection are visible. (7) Worry-free and reassuring: the current system is used now, and it is a pity to dump it more. If it is less, it will not cost money to remake, the concentration is moderate, it will not hurt the skin, and it will not irritate. 84 disinfectant is a highly irritating and corrosive high-risk product. There are 84 disinfectants in your home, which must be in a place where the baby cannot reach. (8) The way to save money: spend a little money when buying this product, from now on, a large amount of disinfectant can be prepared, no longer need to buy, no cost, no matter what happens, no need to worry about no disinfectant at home. The small body is of great use.