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     JingYuan Engineering Technology Co.,LTD is a high technology-focused company,  aimed for matching clients products by innovation in the fields of mobile robot,  Machinery parts, accessories, etc. Based on our manufacturing facility , We offer cost-effective, practical solutions for design,machining and manufacturing custom-made AGV wheel, ( Automated Guided Vehicle),warehousing Robot,as well as  solenoid lock We providing both ODM/OEM services for our customers.
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Produits recommandés


  • Machining tactical gears since 2007, the equipment including: CNC machines 20 sets. Drilling machines, punching machines, etc. 12 Axis CNC machining with special tools for making handguard, sight tools,Surface treatment with oxidation Titanium and Teflon.

  • Manufacturing work is not simply assembling the tactical parts, the quality test have to be taken into consideration. From a nut to mount bracket, we following it carefully.

  • Products customization and designing is an necessary work for our customers, we have partner near our company, we will work with them to express the features and advantages of the products and we will thinking how to be attractive at side of end-users.

  • After-sales service Shipping products is not a big problem for most of our clients, but what we cared about is how save the shipping costs. We negotiate with forwarder, know their operating systems...