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TO18 5.6mm 658nm 660nm 100MW Red Laser Diode (ML101J25)

TO18 5.6mm 658nm 660nm 100MW Red Laser Diode (ML101J25)

Miniature Solenoid 24V 15W 25N Mini Push Pull Solenoid

6N Stroke Open Frame Push Pull Type Electromagnet Electromagnetic Solenoid 12V DC 300mA

Portable Electric Scissors for cutting leather

A powerful, long lasting chargeable battery means there is no cord to trip over or get in the way of larger work pies. Unique half-moon shaped blades are hardened to stay sharper longer than conventional cordless scissors. Short, rapid strokes mean accurate, clean cuts for intricate work. The short cutting stroke makes the Scissors less suitable for cutting materials thicker than 1/8 inch.

Mini Electric Cabinets Magnetic Lock

12V Magnetic EM Lock with LED for Door Access

Electromagnetic lock, Cabinet lock

mental electric cabinet lock for locker



Texas high precision machining aluminum parts CNC Lathe Machining / Turning / Milling /anodized cnc

100% inspection Precision CNC Machining/Machine/Machined Auto Parts Lathe high precision machining aluminum parts CNC Lathe Machining / Turning / Milling /anodized cnc

Custom Non Standard Part Precision CNC Machining in Istanbul

Customized aluminum alloy parts with CNC machining manufacturer/CNC aluminum turning parts

Slovenj Gradec Custom High Precision Aluminum Profiled CNC Machining

Small order lathe stainless steel hardware factory customization cnc machined aluminum mechanical

CNC machining services in Merlimont France

Laser marking is quickly replacing traditional marking processes such as etching, stamping, pad printing and mechanical engraving because it is an accurate, repeatable, non-contact, aesthetic, high resolution, environmentally friendly process.Cnc Machining Part,Oem Metal Machining,China Hardware Metal Machined Parts

OEM 6061 Aluminium Die Casting Heat Sink Led Street Light Housing

Pre-Drilled LED Radiation Extrusion Aluminum Profile Circular Heat Sink

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