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Arrow Hunting Points

The ziploc bag was obviously mutilated by the time the package got to me. Since these heads are really sharp, make sure you have your own case to store them ahead of time. So, make sure you have your own case for these things.

Tactical Backpack, Military Bag, Shoulder Bag

Be careful the telescopic batons should not to be taken away by the attacker,if the baton is grasped by attacker,how to make the baton free from the attacker? Once the batons stick by the other party to grasp, be sure to quickly respond

Bulletproof Vests, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray

It can effectively prevent people from the attack of sharp weapons such as delta knife, police dagger and flick knife at any angle. With the certification of national test authority, this stab proof vest reaches the international advanced level all round performance.

Military Boots, Tactical Boots, Army Boots

>China New Design Outdoor Desert Boots and Tactical Boots of Army (31007) - China Military Boots, Tactical Boots

3D Visualizer

We have Slot Barrel Mount for Tactical Flashlight or Sight and Front sight adjusting tool and rear sight adjusting tool for M16,AR15 etc. We can make this tool according to your any requirements. We have CNC machining center, milling machines,grinding machines,drilling machines, assemling by our workers.

Industrial design company

We engage so completely with clients that we become assimilated into the culture and function as an extension of the client's on board resources. What makes our team unlike the rest is our understanding that innovation and creativity can merge successfully with the quantifiable requirements of cost, manufacturing, timing and production.

CNC machining medical device parts

Our manufacturing expertise is focused within the medical market, creating components for orthopedic devices, spine, cardiovascular, endovascular devices, pelvic, trauma, and testing and analysis markets.

CNC machining company Shenzhen

specializes in Precision Machining. We have the ability to take on jobs from a single prototype to a production run. We machine a variety of metals including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Copper to super alloys like Invar, Inconel and Hastealloy. We also machine plastics like PVC, Acetal and Teflon to high performance plastics like Torlon and Rulon. We provide machining services to a diverse list of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Semiconductor, Underwater and more.









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