English speakers who like Running & Jogging in Shenzhen
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English speakers who like Running & Jogging in Shenzhen
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I am Leoho Rayhans, working in longgang Shenzhen,I keep jogging daily ,I am looking for someone who speak English here, and happy to jogging with me.so, we can share something that interesting.and encourage to do this exercise always.
My Wechat: 182352408  and  WhatsApp: +8618126328400   Email: leoheyulei@gmail.com

Shenzhen jogging
Touch me if you have same idea.

I copy some tips for reference.

Benefits of Running
The majority of people who run casually do it for the physical, social, and mental benefits it brings. It also has a "low bar of entry"—you don't need any fancy equipment, it's relatively inexpensive, and you can do it almost anywhere. It's also an activity that spans ages; it's never too late to start running, as many people who have take up the sport do so in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

Here are some of the many other reasons why people choose running:

It's one of the most efficient ways to achieve aerobic fitness.
Running burns a lot of calories and is a smart strategy for weight loss.
It's an excellent stress reliever.
You can run by yourself for some peace and alone time, or with others for social interaction.
You release endorphins when running and (sometimes) experience a runner’s high.
You achieve better overall health with improvements such as higher lung capacity, increased metabolism, lower total cholesterol levels, increased energy, and decreased risk of osteoporosis.
Types of Running
Most runners engage in one or some of the following types of running:

Road Running: One of the most popular types of running, road running includes running on paved roads, paths, and sidewalks. It’s the most convenient type of running—all you have to do is step out your door and get moving.
Treadmill Running: A great alternative to running outside when the weather is bad, treadmill running is usually easier than outdoor running and can be gentler on your joints. Most treadmills allow runners to change their pace, incline, and resistance so they can simulate outdoor running and vary their workouts to prevent boredom.
Racing: Some runners enjoy the thrill and competition of participating in road races, from 5Ks to half and full marathons. The vast majority of people enter races not to win (or even come close), but to set a personal goal and achieve it. Many former couch potatoes have become hooked on the sport after training for their first road race.
Trail Running: For those who love to enjoy scenery and peaceful surroundings while exercising, trail running is a great option. Trail running usually takes place on hiking trails of varying terrain, from deserts to mountains. Trail runners may find themselves sidestepping roots, climbing over logs, running through streams, or traversing up steep hills.

Hope you find English speakers who like Running & Jogging in Shenzhen  Joggers


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