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Model No.: JY-0520Solenoid valve Air valve Massage

Solenoid valve Air valve Massage chair air valve Sphygmomanometer valve Two-position three-ventilation valve


Custom processing
Yes Class Soft magnetic material
Current characteristics
LOGO JY model JY0520 Application
Automatic appliance
SIZE 05*20mm Initial suction
0.03(N) Operating Voltage
6V, 12V, 24V

Open Frame Solenoids

Our range of Open Frame solenoids are a cost effective solution for high volume applications.

In terms of volume, the open frame solenoid is probably the most commonly used type. It has the advantage of many sizes and shapes being available, with plunger diameters from 3mm to 16mm and strokes from 1mm to in excess of 30mm. It is therefore chosen as a low cost effective solution for many applications. There are however, application circumstances which would deem open frame unsuitable. For example, demanding operation or harsh environments, such as secure parcel collection points.

Linear solenoid

including ‘U’ Frame, Flapper and Magnetic Latching

Miniature models requiring as little as 1.5 cubic centimetres space volume

Push designs and customised versions available

Long life

Pull forces of up to 44 Newtons Force at 22mm stroke

High Holding force at zero current with Magnetic Latching versions





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Payment method: TT, Western Union, paypal, alibaba priority
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