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Model No.: 651custom AGV solution,warehouse robot

Vehicle types Masted vehicles – forked, clamp,single-double Unit load - lift deck, conveyor Tow or tuggers Carts Custom
Custom vehicles
•Designed to move unique loads
•Size, shape and capacity can vary considerably
•More commonly used in support of manufacturing to move work-in-process or finished goods
Most common batteries Flooded lead acid Sealed batteries NiCad Lithium ion
•Inductive power – vehicle receives power from plate(s) embedded in the floor. Used in some applications that require less flexibility
•Fuel cells – performing well in limited scale use in AGVs. ROI and refilling infrastructure can be a challenge
What type of controls are on the vehicles?
Navigation controls – provides real time feedback on actual vehicle position for navigation of the vehicle in the facility Load position verification sensors – sensors mounted to the load handling attachment to make sure that the load is positioned correctly during vehicle operation Interface “handshake” sensors - sensors mounted on the vehicle and interface equipment that provide communication link to ensure smooth load transfer Obstacle detection sensors – sensors on the vehicle which bring the vehicle to a safe stop before contacting any obstacle that it may encounter in its path

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