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Model No.: AGV-191029tractor agv robot automated guided vehicle for material handling

1, Core technology from Germany, maximize the realization of full automatic, personalization, d. c.
2, Many years of research experience our eam has advanced technology, many years of experience, and strong research capability!
3, "Three layers of protection" Electro-optic protection, Sound and light warning, AGV system protection.
4, Perfect service system Professional Services team, 24-hour monitoring, full service, Professional engineers responsible for maintaining.
The latent AGV trolley has a wide range of applications, flexible operation and high degree of automation. It is mainly used in restricted spaces and single-channel driving. The AGV trolley lurks under the work loader and uses the tow bar to automatically lift, hook or drop the skip, and can reciprocate in a single channel.

Widely used in electronics, home appliances, automotive and other industries.

External Dimension L1200*W600*H400(mm)
Control Method PLC/AGV Moving Control Chip (Optional)
Guidance Method Magnetic Tape Guidance/Laser Guidance(Optional)
Moving Direction Differential Speed Unidirectional or Bidirectional
Communication Function Serial/WiFi (Optional)
Driving Method Differential Speed Driving
Driving Power DC24V
Driving Lifting Type Manual or Electrical Lifting
Carrying Capacity 100KG
Moving Speed 45m/min (optional)
Turning Radius the minimum 500mm (line pavement radius)
Guidance Precision ±10mm
Working Type 24 Hours
Gradeability 3-5 degree
Stop Precision ±10mm
Charging Type Manual Charging / Automatic Charging
Battery Maintenance Free Battery, Continuous discharge number>300 times
Safety Induction Range ≤3m,Adjustable 20mm the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm
Human-machine Interaction the touch screen human-machine interaction is adopted to easily set the parameter, site or alarm.
Working Environment Indoor Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degree; Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Safety Protection Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism
Design Life >10 Years

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