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Model No.: AGV-1202AGV Automated Guided Vehicle, electric drive steering wheel assembly AGV handling machine lift

  • 1 Sets
  • 2-3 Sets
  • 4-5 Sets
  • >=6 Sets
Payments: LogisticsInspection Solutions

Magnetic navigation

Body size: 1300 * 500 * 300 (length, width, height)

Swing diameter: 1.5 meters

Slope: less than 5 degrees

Operating temperature: -10 degrees to +40 degrees

Power composition: 1 steering wheel

Gear train: 3 wheels

Control method: automatic

Implement action: forward, turn left and right

Maximum load: 1000KG

Maximum traction: 1000KG

Maximum running speed: 40 m / min

Speed adjustment: adjustable running speed of 0-40 m / min

Endurance: more than 4 hours

Total power: 600W

Power: DC 24V

Battery: Lead Acid 60Ah

Obstacles: BPS

RFID: Morning Control

Safe touch: Womero

Benefits of using an AGV
Accountability – Can ensure that the quantity of items picked-up and delivered are same.
Automatic line balancing – Can replenish raw materials automatically in production or assembly areas.
Cost reduction – Repetitive manual work is certainly expensive. Therefore, AGV reduces the cost by a large degree.
Flexibility – You can customize the size and number of the AGVs as per the need of the warehouse.
Reduction in product damage – Reliability and precision are ensured when using AGV. Hence, the probability of product damage is low.
Repeatability – You can schedule the AGVs to perform tasks repeatedly.
Safety – As a result of minimizing human intervention, accidents are avoided.
Scheduling – AGV prioritizes tasks and performs them according to the schedules and rules.
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