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Model No.: AGV-Battery-Charger-1114AGV Battery Charger 600W Wireless Charger For AGV AGC Robot

Applicable Industries: Farms,AGV
Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China
Warranty:  2 Years
After-sales Service Provided:  Online support
Input voltage:   AC220V
Input current:  4A (max)
Supply Ability :20000 Piece/Pieces per Month




1. contactless charge, high efficiency, long life, can achieve the charging time fragmentation;

2. original multi-loop resonant design, low loss, transmission frequency bandwidth;

3. original multi-loop adaptive control algorithm to ensure that the system is always in the best working condition;

4. independent research and development of the 2.4GHz frequency hopping communication algorithm, the data transmission delay is small, anti-interference ability;

5. independent research and development of the distance sensing and location confirmation algorithm, effectively eliminate the charging error;

6. multiple overload protection design, to ensure that equipment operation is stable and reliable;

7. Transformer and control circuit integration structure, save space, easy installation;


Technical parameters


Input voltage AC220V ± 15%, single phase 50Hz
Input current 6A (max)
Output voltage 48.0V ~ 60.0V (adjustable, factory setting 54.4V)
Output current 8 ~ 10A (adjustable, factory setting 10A)
Regulating accuracy ± 0.3%
Steady flow accuracy ± 1.0%
Voltage ripple ≤0.3%
Power efficiency ≥85%
Charging distance

air gap length: 20 ± 10mm

X axis deviation: ± 20mm

Y axis deviation: ± 20mm

Charging frequency 30 ~ 60kHz (self-tuning)
Data transmission work frequency band: 2.400 ~ 2.485GHz
Transmitting power 0dBm
Ambient temperature  -20 ~ + 50 ℃
 Storage temperature -30 ~ +60 ℃
Insulation resistance ≥ 100MΩ
Pressure AC1750V (1min)
Impact resistance 10G (all directions)
Vibration resistance 19.6m / sec2 (10 ~ 55Hz)
Dimension 170 (W) * 150 (H) * 52 (D) mm
Weight  5.0kg





LN500 is a high performance wireless charger product developed by our company. It is suitable for providing non-contact charging for various mobile robots or devices such as AGV, AGC, RGV, electric forklift, golf cart and hotel service robot., To achieve complete automation of the battery charging process, easy to use, easy maintenance. The use of adaptive control technology to overcome the charging distance and load changes on the system performance, high control accuracy, for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and super capacitors to provide accurate and reliable charging, to protect and extend battery life.

LN500 output power 500W, efficiency is better than 85%, electromagnetic radiation intensity to meet the "electromagnetic environment control limits (GB 8702-2014)" requirements, safety, green and energy saving. The key components of this product are all imported components, and after rigorous testing machine to ensure long-term stable operation.


Function and operation


1. Function

LYC-600T power side indicating function:

(1) on the normal electricity or press the reset button, the red light is often "bright" 1 second off, into the standby state, the red light into the slow flashing state;

(2) when the receiving side of the communication in place after the normal coupling detection phase, the blue indicator light into the "bright" state;

(3) detected by the blue light coupling into the flash state, that has entered the normal charging state;

(4) After charging, the power supply side light in the standby state, the red indicator light into slow flash;

 LYC-600R receiving side indicating function:

(1) normal turn on the battery or press the reset button, the red light is often "bright" 1 second off, into the standby state, the indicator does not indicate, that is often "off" state;

(2) When the receiving side reaches the charging position, the robot gives the charging signal (high-level), the green indicator light into slow flash;
(3) after the normal charge, the receiving side of the green light flashing state;

(4) If the receiving side due to a failure or locked position allowed, the red light enters the receiving side flash state;

(5) After the charging is completed, the receiving side is in the off state.


2. Power on operation

(1) After the correct connection, the power supply plugs into the single-phase 220V power outlet, the specific wiring diagram as shown;


 AGV Battery Charger 600W Wireless Charger For AGV AGC Robot



Wiring diagram(1)



AGV Battery Charger 600W Wireless Charger For AGV AGC Robot


Three-core signal cable connect diagram(2)



Note: Brown: the start control line, active high, input voltage of 3 ~ 30VDC;

          Yellowthe fault indication line, active low, OC output, the maximum irrigation current 200mA,

pressure 30VDC;

          Blue: the signal ground.

Figure 1 for the reference wiring diagram, when the robot in place charging, the controller directly output high-level(voltage 3 ~ 30VDC) signal to the brown line, start charging; when you need to stop charging, the controller directly output low-level signal to brown line, stop charging.

Fault signal wiring as shown in Figure 2, through the pull-up resistor R1 and VCC (note the controller   

internal level and VCC voltage is consistent) connection, resistor R1 value related to the size of the VCC(maximum perfusion current 200mA, pressure 30VDC ). Normal circumstances, the yellow fault indication line shows a high level station, when there is a fault or stop is not allowed, the yellow fault indicator line shows a low level station, the charger is locked, you can reset the start signal to unlock.

(2) The power indicator is described in "LYC-600T power side indicating function"

(3) Receiving side connected to the battery, the indicator is described in " LYC-600R receiving side indicating function".


Equipment composition


  The equipment consists of three parts:

  (1) power converter;

  (2) wireless transmitter;

  (3) wireless receiver.



1. Q: What's the  MOQ  for the item ? 
    A: 1 pcs, .(Samples Accepted)

2. Q: What is your  payment terms   ? 
    A: We offer the payment terms of T/T.


3. Q:  How long  delivery time? 
    A: Usually, we delivery time about 15-30 days. 

4. Q: Are you able to  customize items  with design or logo? 
    A: Yes, OEM & ODM is available. 

5. Q: How could you ensure the excellent  quality  ? 
    A: We have professional QC to check all the products before delivering.

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