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The heavy-duty AGV is characterized by large size and high load capacity, and it can complete the automation of processing, manufacturing, and handling of some large objects. In some heavy machinery factories, as well as railway transportation, special industries, ports and airports, large voltage plants, heavy vehicle manufacturers, etc., these places need large tonnage AGVs to meet them. In the past two years, with the expansion of the field of heavy AGV applications, some companies have also developed related products.

In recent years, the application of AGV has become more and more extensive, covering the fields of factory handling, warehousing and logistics, heavy equipment overloading, port transportation, and guidance services. In the future, as the traditional AGVaccelerates the intelligent upgrade, it is expected to obtain a wider application space.
1.A powerful helper for factory automation
Material transfer in the factory or as a mobile platform for equipment is one of the earliest "work" of AGV. In many factories, AGVs have a "use" because they need to move materials or products repeatedly. In these tasks, the basic function of the AGV is the reciprocating conveyance from point A to points B, C, and D to save labor and time costs and improve handling efficiency.
In the future, AGV is expected to achieve a comprehensive speedup, which will not only improve accuracy, but also switch between various tasks more quickly. At the same time, the ability to recognize loads will be enhanced, and it is possible to have anthropomorphic autonomous learning and autonomous learning. Features.

2. "Warehouse logistics" The "new main force" of logistics automation
At present, AGV is mainly used in the sorting and handling of goods in the field of warehousing and logistics. Xinsong mobile robot provides a three-dimensional warehouse logistics solution, which effectively solves the problems of automatic sorting and three-dimensional storage in a limited space.
Previously, using manual sorting methods, warehouse centers often needed to be equipped with a large number of employees, and the sorting efficiency was difficult to improve. When encountering important activity periods, they were often too busy. The application of AGV robots not only significantly reduces labor costs, but also improves material sorting efficiency and achieves a win-win situation.
Therefore, in the future, the field of warehousing and logistics will be one of the main application scenarios of AGV, and further upgrades in the fields of sorting and transportation will continue to improve work efficiency. These seem to indicate that the tide of the era of intelligent storage has come, and intelligent AGV will be the main promoter of the tide.
3. Emerging application scenarios of “reloading”
With the success of the first flight of the domestically produced large aircraft C919, China, as a major powerhouse, will develop rapidly in many directions including aerospace, railway bridges, and military defense, and AGV will also play an indispensable role in these areas.
While China has repeatedly created the world's largest and fastest record, what they need is a fully automatic industrial production line. And our AGV is carrying the largest and heaviest workpiece, which is a new direction.
4, port transportation
Similar to the work of factories and storage centers, AGV's main work in ports is also automated transportation. However, the application of AGV in ports has only just begun. With the development of port automation, AGV will be applied more comprehensively here.
At present, many terminals and ports in China have been upgraded. Compared with traditional terminals, the upgraded terminals use automated equipment and control systems. Computer controlled bridge cranes are used to load and unload containers, and unmanned AGVs are used to transport containers.

Material Handling Equipment crawler type-truck Automated Guided Vehicles AGVs RGV LRG AGC,

AGV wheel for making mobile robots, carts, tuggers and self-driving forklifts supplier.

Processing Line Of die bogies

AGV Motorized Flat Rail Die trolley with Imported Parts

AGV wheel for making mobile robots, carts, tuggers and self-driving warehousing robot agv trolley supplier

Magnetic navigation

Body size: 1300 * 500 * 300 (length, width, height)

Swing diameter: 1.5 meters

Slope: less than 5 degrees

Operating temperature: -10 degrees to +40 degrees

Power composition: 1 steering wheel

Gear train: 3 wheels

Control method: automatic

Implement action: forward, turn left and right

Maximum load: 1000KG

Maximum traction: 1000KG

Maximum running speed: 40 m / min

Speed adjustment: adjustable running speed of 0-40 m / min

Endurance: more than 4 hours

Total power: 600W

Power: DC 24V

Battery: Lead Acid 60Ah

Obstacles: BPS

RFID: Morning Control

Safe touch: Womero

Components Of die bogies

AGV Motorized Flat Rail Die trolley with Imported Parts

Functions & Advantages Of die bogies
  • The die bogies is Anti-high temperature,Anti-high explosion;
  • The die bogies is powered by low voltage electricity from the railway;
  • With lifting holes, die bogies is convenient to shipment;
  • The die bogies has a feature of stable start, big starting power, long lifetime;
  • The die bogies can run on the C-form track or S-form track;
  • Running distance of die bogies is unlimited;
  • Safe and convenient operation is available for die bogies ;
  • High using frequency for die bogies .


1. Q: What term of payment do you accept?

A: For the first time we cooperate, we accept 50% T/T as depoist, 50% T/T before delivery. For the return customer, we could deal with 30% T/T as depoist, 70% T/T before delivery. Also, we accept L/C.

2. Q: What is you delivery time?

A: We will delivery the die bogies you ordered 45 days after we accept the prepayment.

3. Q: How do die bogies been shipped?

A: We export the die bogies by sea or train with full container, LCL or in Bulk.

4. Q: Do you have quality assurance for die bogies ?

A: Yes, we have one year of assurance.

Our Services
  • Our commitment: The load bearing safety factor of the die bogies is no less than 120%.
  • Freely design the auxiliary device or foundation drawing, and offer the technical service and drawing material.
  • 16 hours engineering service and 24 hours internet service for our customers.
  • During the warranty period, if our die bogies can't work normally, we can support you repair technology or replace relevant parts for you within 24 hours.
  • Solving the quality problem within 24 hours, serious attitude from beginning to end. Value the reputation and Preserve the image of our company.
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