Blank Firing Adaptor
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Blank Firing AdaptorModel: GTB1601


Blank Firing Adaptor

Material: Steel
Weight: 4.8 oz
Color: Red
1.Integral Blank Firing Adaptor for AR15/M16 Rephlee;
2 Fits Standard A2 Flash Hider and Borrell;
3 Made from High Strength Steel Alloy with Precision Manufacturing;
4 Robust User-friendly Ring for Handy Carrying and Operation;
5 Durable Red Paint for Long-Term Protection and Distinction;
6 Upgrade with Superior, More Robust and Heavy-duty Center Hex Nut to Provide Mil-standard Performance
7 Field and Torture Tested to Meet Most Demanding Requirements and Deliver Best Performance
8 Highest Quality, Most Coveted Part for Law Enforcement/Miletory Training
Sight adjusting tool,carry handle scope mount, rail system. blank firing attachment are available;

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blank firing adaptor manufacturer
blank firing adapter

  • This a gun safety tool; It is NOT a gun part
  • If a live round is mistakenly fired, most of the energy is spent smashing through the BFA reducing both the range and damage inflicted
  • A BFA may also divert the hot gases from a blank discharge out to the sides, reducing the risk of injury to the target of an aimed shot
  • Made from High Strength Steel Alloy with Precision
  • Blank Firing Adaptor for Carbine Length AR-15;Fits Standard A2 Flash Hider and Barrel

Used in conjunction with blank ammunition. Required for allowing blank ammunition to cycle. Made from high strength steel alloy. Robust user-friendly ring for carrying and operation. Used with the higher operating pressure of M4 weapons. 1 Year Warranty. Import.

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