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Industrial Steam Iron Electric Iron MN-A777Model: MN-A777


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Industrial Steam Iron Electric Iron MN-A777

 Electric Iron Specification:

Product name: Electric iron

Brand: Meining

Voltage: 220V

Power: 1350W

Electric iron type: Corded electric iron

Temperature regulation method: mechanical temperature adjustment

Electric iron gear selection: 3 

Electric Iron Wattage:1350Watts; Tank Volume:4L; Temperature Range:0~300℃
Aluminum alloy Teflon bottom plate base for superior pressing surface durability.Built-in sheathed wire heater improves thermal efficiency, shortens heating time, and thus offers great economy.
Ergonomically designed rubber handle for slip-proof grip will keep hands cool and comfortable
Activate steam flow instantly with the touch of a button,Elegantly designed with a soft-touch thumb switch for easy and powerful steam release.
Industrial gravity feed steam iron is a self-contained ironing system that does not require a boiler. It utilizes a separate (included) water bottle that must be suspended above your working surface

Electric Iron features:


1. U/L certification US Texas pure silver contact thermostat.
2. U/L certification US Texas pure silver contact thermostat steam switch.
3. U/L certified 3*1.25mm power cord.
4. Fast heating, saving time, saving 30% than similar products, large gas volume, convenient for descaling.
5. The life of the heater is more than 10,000 hours.
6. The handle is made of high-quality high-polymer anti-slip, anti-scalding polymer material.
7. Using deionization device, 2C+1 physical cyclone flow, not easy to block.
8. Aluminum alloy Teflon bottom plate.

Electric Iron details:


Electric Iron advantages:
       1, steam room, the amount of steam is sufficient, no dripping, there is steam output at any time.
       2. International standard alloy base plate, heavy weight, large ironing area and high efficiency. .
       3, fast heating, saving time and power (saving 30% than similar products)
       4, not easy to block, descaling is simple and fast.
       5, brand-name thermostat, temperature control temperature is high, durable.
       6, super insulated handle, feel comfortable, easy to operate.
       7. International flow type solenoid valve with high reliability.
       8, the life of the heater is up to 10,000 hours, and its life expectancy is more than 2 years longer than similar products.

 Electric Iron warranty :

The heating plate is guaranteed for one year (the production date is marked on the back of the heating plate). If it is burnt out within a year, it can be replaced with a new one. If other small parts are broken, it will be a lifetime warranty. The accessories will be charged according to the purchase price. The courier costs generated back and forth should be taken care of.

 Electric Iron Packing :

1pcs*iron machine +

1 pcs* manual +

1pcs * iron seat cushion

1pcs *  hanging bucket

1pcs * bucket switch

1pcs * pipe about 1.6 meters long

1pcs *  spring

1pcs * water pipe switch

1pcs *  bucket hook


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