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Model No.: AGV-191032Laser Navigation Forklift Automated Guided Vehicles

$38,000.00-$58,000.00 / Unit
1 Unit Min. Order
Fork Width: 1000mm
Fork Length: 2400mm
Power Souce: DC Motor
Type: Powered Pallet Truck
Condition: New
Overall Dimensions: 2400*1000*2465mm

The laser forklift AGV is positioned accurately, the ground does not need other positioning facilities, and the form path can be flexible and adaptable. It can be adapted to a variety of on-site environments. The driving route can be modified at any time through software. It is more convenient to maintain without magnetic strips and landmarks. It is currently preferred in foreign countries. Cash guidance.

Can be solved for customers:

                1. Need to stack, load and unload materials;

                 2. Need to change the navigation route frequently;

                 3. Working environment cough, strong magnetic field, high positioning accuracy;

                 4. Material transfer methods are flexible and diverse;

                 5. Need a lot of transport capacity



Navigation Type

Laser Navigation

Travel Direction

Forward / Back / Turn

Network Way

Wifi Network

Tunring Circle

≥1500 mm

Driving Mode

Steerubg Wheel Control



Load Capacity

1000KG ( Can be customized)

Carrier Type

Pallet Handling

Minimum Aisle Width

≥2500 mm

Grade Ablility


Navigation Accuracy


Stopping Accuracy


Opertating Mode

24 hours operation

Charging Method

Manual Charging / Automatic Charging


Lead-acid battery / Lithium battery


Voice Alert + Starlight Alarm

Design Life

≥10 years

Safety Induction Range

≤3mm is adjustable, the emergency braking distance:<20mm


Double protection of abstacle detection sensor and mechanical anti-collision mechanism.

Running Speed

Straight forward 0-72m/min; Stragight back 0-36m/min; Turning 0-18m/min


Laser  Navigation Forklift AGV ( carry type ), accurate positioning, variable driving path, be able to adapt to complex driving enviroment. This type of AGV is suitable for pallet cargo handling, which greatly improve the efficiency of unmanned handling. It can be widely used in automobile, electronics, huosehold appliances, new energy, storage, medicine, electric powe, tobacco and other complex industries requiring logistics and transportation. 

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