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Oral Irrigator OC1200Model: OC1200 dental water jet


Model: OC1200 Family Dental Water floss
dental water jetoralcareoc1200 dental cleaning systemoralcare dental water jet
Voltage:220V 50Hz
Adjustable pressure force:5-100psi
CE approval
Jets including:
Standards jets *3pcs
Orthodontic jet *1pcs
Periodontal jet *1pcs
Nasal jet*1pcs
Tongue cleaner*3pcs
1.Adopted Mabuchi motor from Japan with lifespan more than 10 year.Waterproof ,safe and durable.
2.We can make the volgate from 100~240V.
3.The body of the water floss is made of environment-friendly materials.
4.Advanced pressure-control system with 10 settings-selected.Big pressure range from 5~110PSI for both gentle massage and vigorous cleaning.
5.Excellent flexibility water pipe with a lifespan of more than 5 years.
6.Big capacity of reservoir:600ml.
7.Low Noise:only 70 DB. Spray nozzle has a pause function.
8.1200 pulse /min to fight gingivitis,periodontal diseases and bacteria with the revolutionary pulsating water jet,Cleans your bridgework,crowns,braces and implants effortlessly,Removal of plaque & reduction of gingival bleeding.
9. with nasal jet can be used for sinus care
10.CE and ISO13485 Approved
11.Provide 2 year warranty.
12.Product content: 1pc machine , 1pc reservoir cover with tips storage, 1pc reservoir, 1pc handle, 3pcs jet tips ,3pcs tongue cleaner tip, 1pc nasal tips,1pc orthodonti

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