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Oral Spray GTOS-2Model:


Input : 230V AC 50Hz
Output : 20W MAX (TBA)
Noise : 70dB (max) distance 30CM
Water proof : IP24
Power cord length :100cm
Water pipe length:80cm
Pulse speed:MIN 1300rpm/min MAX 2000rpm/min
Flux: MIN 170sec 500ml?/MAX 120sec 500ml
Hydranlic pressure:MIN 80kpa MAX 500kpa
Continuous use/cold time:MAX 30 minutes/2 hours 
Work temperature/humidity:10~35 degree/up to 80%
Storage temperature/humidity:10~40degree/up to 95%
Work time:2 years
3 pcs of standard nozzles, 1 pc of brush, 1 pc of tongue scraper
Material and color
Main housing: pure white with ABS material
Water tank: clear blue 299C with ABS material
Accessories: pure white with ABS material
Accessory box: pure white with ABS material
Switch button: blue 299C with ABS material
Power wire and delivery hose: pure white

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