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Smoke Emitting MonitorModel: ATS03A


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     There are 2 robbers entered base station room,opened the door up. the security guards discovered them through our smoke-emitting monitor. they keep an eye on their action. the security guards issued warnings but failure to stop stealing,so they start the smoke monitor at once. the room filled with smoke soon and their vision blurred,finally, the robbers escaped.

Number of non-toxic aerosols: 3 pcs  emitting smoke at one time. Food-grade, solid material
Product size: 176*101*80 mm
Sensor: 1/4'' 1.0mega pixel color CMOS 1280(H)*720(V)
Lens: f:3.6mm  F. 2.0 Min.Illumination:0.5Lux
Working area : 150m³ closed or semi-closed space.
Emitting method: by Cold smoke, filling in the protected area within 5-8 seconds.
Emitting time: 45-60 minutes
Working voltage:  DC12V.  can changeable
Working environment : Temperature: -10℃~+55℃  humidity: 10%~90%
Color: silver, other colors available 
Material: aluminum 
Net Weight: 0.9kg
Protection grade: IP50
Install method: mount on roof
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