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wireless portable Charger x3s6Model: x3s6


QI wireless portable Charger for samsung note5 s7 s6, android mobile phone
Model: the X3 -S6
Brand: neutral
Input parameters: 5 v
output parameters: 5 v
Charging current: 1000 mA
Type: wireless charger
Indicator for indicating function: Have the function of indication
Interface: micro usb
Name: wireless charger launchers
Execution standard: QI wireless charging standards
Compatibility: compatible with all standard receiver QI
Input: input voltage:DC4.3 V ~ 5.5 V / 1.5 ~ 2 a
Output: 5 V - 0.1 V / 500 mah - 1000 mah

Charging distance: maximum 10 mm, recommend the transceiver spacing 2 mm to 4 mm
Conversion efficiency: more than 70%
Charging power: maximum reach 5 w
Charging ways: 1 to 1
Whether to support foreign body detection: support

Charging indicator: When charging, acrylic transparent rim light blue, after full for the green light
Standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50 mw

Over temperature protection: when the charging temperature above 40 ° automatically stop charging for 1 minute, such as the temperature drop down before recharging the batteries
Over current protection: when charging output current is greater than 1.5 A is automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger
Non-slip handle: at the bottom of the slip ring, safe and considerate, fuselage slip ring, decoration and non-slip.
Product color: black, white
Product size: 97 mm in diameter, the thickness of 18 mm
Suit: S6 wireless charger * 1, specification*1, manual * 1
50CM USB Cable
The net weight: 60 g
Package size: 114 * 114 * 27 mm
With packing weight: 98 g
Packing specification: 100 only one case
Carton size: 52 * 35 * 30 cm

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