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Wireless quick charger x568Model: x568


Wireless quick charger apple iphonex samsung S8 android universal wireless charger Qi base
Model: X5-68A
Type: wireless charger
Input parameters: the slow charge 5 v / 2 A, quick charge 9 v / 1.67 A
Output parameters: slow charge 5 v / 1 a quick charge 9 v1a
Instruction function: having indicated work
Interface: micro usb
Execution standard: QI wireless charging standards
Compatibility: compatible with all the QI standard receiver, wireless charging function of mobile phone can be directly on the charging
Charging distance: transmission distance of 8 ~ 10 mm
Conversion efficiency: more than 72%
Working frequency: 100-210 KHZ
Coil: one coil.
Whether to support foreign body detection: support
Over temperature protection: when charging temperature above 60 degrees, automatically stop charging for 10 minutes, such as the temperature drop down before recharging the batteries
Over current protection: when the charging current is greater than 1.8 A power consumption, automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger
Charging indicator: when the standby for green color;After charging glow to blue light, full of samsung mobile phone, apple mobile phone is full of blue lights long after
Appearance color: black
Material: aluminum alloy + acrylic
Size: 98 MM * 98 MM * 6.5 MM
Characteristics: A, wireless quick charge;B, aluminum alloy shell, ultra-thin.
Suit: wireless charger * 1, * 1 specification, and packing box * 1 * 1, 50 MM USB line
Product size: 98 MM * 98 MM * 6.5 MM
Net weight: 57g
Packing size: 150 mm * 108 mm * 19mm
Gross weight: 98.5 g
Operational guidelines for school official cites use:
(1) the emitter connected to 2 ausb cable, power supply
(2) connect the wireless receiver to mobile phones;Support wireless charging models omit this step (itself) connect the power supply
(3) put on a mobile phone, cell phone adjustment, make the transmitter alignment of the wireless receiver and transmitter;
Note: if the receiver, the receiver to the other.

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