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Portable electric scissors for cutting fabric and leather materialModel: electric-scissors-JY26 JY27 JY28 series


Product name: JY Electric scissors
Color: Blue
Battery Voltage 3.6V
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
Battery lifespan: 500 times
Rated no-loated speed : 4500r / minute
Charging time / using : 120/60 minutes.
Rated voltage of charger: 100-240V 50/60HZ
Rated power: 35W 
General cutting capacity: 0-8mm (depend on material) 
Blade material: Tungsten steel and alloy steel
Charging current: 1000 milliampere
Machine weight :0.37KG 
Application : Electric Scissors for Industry and Household
Noise / vibration value:
Sound pressure value: 70db(A)
Sound energy value: 80db(A)
Vibration value: 0.18m/s
There are 5 types and 2 types of head (blade) of this Model: JY26 series optional:
JY26-1: Scissor machine, adaptor, head.
JY26-2: Scissor machine, adaptor, head A, head B.
JY26-3: Scissor machine, adaptor, head, battery, charger
JY26-4: Scissor machine, adaptor, headA, head B,battery, charger
JY26-5: Scissor machine, adaptor, headA, head B,battery *2pcs, charger



There are 2 types and 2 types of head (blade) of this Model: JY28 series optional:
JY28-1: scissors machine + charger+head A

JY28-2: scissors machine + charger+head A+head B

Rechargeable fabric cutting electric scissors

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