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Free paste stickerModel: W11


Free Paste  The smart iphone fixing solution ever !

Many possible applications like:

Car  bathroom   keyboard  bicycle

The multitalented


Free paste is a full-featured cover for your iphone6+ and guarantees the fixing of your iphone 6 + in various places like in the cockpit of cars, busses, boats, all kind of vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, in offices or at home.

By using the 4 Free Paste stickers (included ) you can decide, where you want to fix your iphone6+

The application areas are numerous, as the Free Paste sticker adheres to all dry, non-oily surfaces.

Simply take the Free Paste stickers out of your box, stick it

Ready to fix your iphone wherever you wish !


Strong Mount   Simple Mount  Secure Mount    Easy to Remove


1.       Long life time Free Paste you can use up to 5000 times.

2.       Complete set with iphone black TPU cover for easy mounting.

3.       No holes required for the installation of Free Paste, no complicated mounting.

4.       No interference to your iphone 6 +, which is caused when you use magnetic fixing solutions.

5.       Simple put the backside of your iphone on the Free Paste sticker  Fixed!

6.       Guaranteed adhesion of your iphone 6+ to Free Paste.


-          No adhersive marks when removing the Free Paste stickers

-          No drop-down of your Iphone in extreme cold or hot conditions, Free-Paste will fix your iphone from-10to +120

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