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Model No.: industry area Electric double agv vehicle industry area Electric double agv vehicle

>=1 Carats

Agv car/intelligent agv car/unmanned handling agv car

Its main features are:


1. The size is customized according to the requirements, with other required functions;


2. Exquisite drive module design, no skidding, light and comfortable operation, strong turning;


3. Submersible type, bearing type, traction type, etc., with automatic positioning, central belt can be automatically telescopic bar, large pull, can be customized;


4. In situ rotation technology, turn and turn in situ, which is very suitable for most passageways and other occasions with limited space;


5. The car body is equipped with operation keys, which are easy to operate (press and go, and stop at the station automatically) without professional training;


6. The running speed can be up to 1m/s (the speed can be adjusted at will), which can meet the needs of most workshop logistics;


7. Multi-level safety protection configuration, remote deceleration -> close stop -> crash stop;

project Index/parameter
Product series UA32 LF4 -- SP3
Navigation way Magnetic navigation
The control mode Integrated controller
Drive motor Brushless motor, 200W/ set
Drive way differential
The load way Latent jack-up
Maximum load 300 kg
Running direction Automatic back and forth operation
The highest speed The 30 m/min
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