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Model No.: JY37-6673Solenoid lock with push pin for big locker

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Electromagnetic lock best Smart Remote Control Rent Locker Lock


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Customized logo (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces)
Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces) 


Specifications for general configuration:

1.Size: 73*66*13mm .  Model: JY37 with push leverl  Color: Black

2. Working method: independent function (lock when power off,unlock immediately when power on).

3. Mechanical lifespan: over 500,000 times.

4. Electromagnet lifespan: over 1,000,000 times under rating conditions.

5. Unlock test: Built-in unlock position test.

6. Self-elastic design: adjustable elastic, suitable for self-elasticity of 0.5~4Kg Cabinet door .

7. Material: Low steel carbide

8. Surface : Electroplating paint (Neutral Salt spray test time: over 48 hours)

9. Security: The hook can withstand 150kg of tension without obvious permanent deformation, with shockproof and anti-pry function.

10. Environment temperature: can working in range over 60 degrees to 10 degrees below zero.

11. Installation: Reserved mechanical emergency unlock position, easy install. and no left or right, and vice versa .

                      Electric Solenoid Lock For Cabinet

Product Description
Black & 66*73*13 MM
Rated Voltage
6Ω ± 10% at 20℃
Dielectric Withstand
600VAC/ 1 second
Insulation resistance
500VAC/ 100MΩ
Power Rate
5% (Power time: 500 ms Max)
Instruction Grade
Class B (130℃)
Working temperature
-20℃~+40℃, Relative humidity 5%~90%

Support Provide Customized Lock Latch

1. Solenoid driven, support 6V 4A  & 12V,2A  & 24vV,0.8A.
2. Lock shells are made from Low carbon stell ( SPCC Cold Rolled sheet), anti-force performance: 250kgs 
3. Support provide Omron micro detective switch from Japan (500,000-time working life ) 
4. Mechanical emergency lever, can be unlocked manually in case of power failure
5. Pushing lever help to push door open. Can be removed.  
6. AWG22 Wires (Support provide AWG24 wires with PVC protecting tube )
7. Support customizing wires and connectors .
8.Environment temperature: can working in range over 60 degrees to 10 degrees below zero.
9. Installation: Reserved mechanical emergency unlock position,Easy install.

Use and installation instructions: 1. Before use, check whether the main accessories are complete. Simulate the electric control lock before installation. The working mode is tested according to the circuit wiring diagram. The electric control lock works normally before installation. 2. The electric control cabinet lock is mainly composed of three parts: lock, keyhole and lock body. Please pay attention to adjust the position of lock and lock hole when installing. 3. There are red and black control input lines behind the lock of the electric control cabinet: the red and black lines are the electric lock power lines (DC12V and GND), and the positive and negative poles are not distinguished.
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Product packaging
Packing case :100 pcs /carton (lock)
Lock Latch : 1000 pcs / carton 
Carton Size: 330*360*130mm Carton weight : 0.2kg
Manufacturing Equipment
Company Profile
Shenzhen JingYuan Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
JingYuan Engineering Technology Co.,LTD is a high technology-focused company, aimed for matching clients products by innovation in
the fields of mobile robot, Machinery parts, accessories, etc. Based on our manufacturing facility , We offer cost-effective,
practical solutions for design,machining and manufacturing custom-made AGV wheel, sight adjusting tool, blank firing adaptor,as
well as Electromagnet, Electromagnetic lock, solenoid lock, We providing both ODM/OEM services for our customers. We would be
happy to discuss with you and provide more details for your inquiry upon your confirmation. More......
There are some options: 1. Option A-1: with micro switch, and show signal feedback once open the door ( mostly our lock used for cabinet door ) Example of feedback: " welcome to use " " please save your belongs to XXX" " door opened left " Option A-2: with micro switch, and show signal feedback once close the door . Example of feedback: " Thank you" " welcome to use next time" " please close the door" . Option B: without micro switch . Note: 1. Before the installation of power (less than 0.8S time) to detect the operation of electronic control lock is flexible, check the door to monitor the switch status is normal, confirm the working status are normal and then the actual installation 2. In the repeated continuous power test, the power rate must follow the 5% limit, otherwise it will burn the coil, such as instantaneous power 0.8S, every 16S can only power once. 3. In the smart control lock tail leads to two two-core connector: connect the red and black two-wire connector for the electromagnet power supply terminal; connect the white and blue two-wire connector for the closed monitoring terminal, two connectors Are both positive and negative.
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