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Model No.: JY36JY-36 Black Electric lock without micro switch

Model: JY-36;

Material: Low carbide steel  .
Rated voltage: DC 12V;

Rated current: 2A.
Size: 58*73*13mm;

Length of wire: 275mm.
Diameter of installation hole: 4mm; 

Net weight: around 180g.

Electric lock applicable for delivery locks, refrigerated cabinet, mail or newspaper box, self-service lock, book counter, changing clothes cabinet etc. Adopted steel plate for shell and carbon steel for inner material. Strong and safe to use. 

Package Included: 
1 x Electric Lock (Without Microswitch)




Rated Voltage



9Ω ± 10% at 20℃





Dielectric Withstand

600VAC/ 1 second

Insulation resistance

500VAC/ 100MΩ

Power Rate

15% (Power time: 500 ms Max)

Instruction Grade

Class B (130℃)

Working temperature 

-20℃~+40℃, Relative humidity 5%~90%

Condition: 100% Brand New 
Main Material: Carbon Steel

Size: 73*58*13mm can be customized small size.
Surface Treatment: Plated Electrophoretic Paint (neutral frog experiment over 48hours) 
Work Mode: Independent type (Power off and close the door-Locked; Power on-Unlocked) 
Electrical Parameters:  3V8A,5V/4.8A, 12V/2A ,24V/1A customizable.
Mechanical Life: In Designing Load Condition, about 500 000 times 
Electromagnet Life: In Rated Working Condition, more than 1 000 000 times

Unlock test: Build-in test.
Strength of Lock Hook: 150kg force (no permanent deformation)

Working temperature :-20℃~+40℃, Relative humidity 5%~90%
Installation: Reserved mechanical emergency unlock position,Easy install.
Package Weight: 170g

The electric lock is mainly adopted carbon steel for inner material. Strong and safe to use.
Security: latch hook can bear 150kg traction, won't obvious permanent deform permanently, shockproof, anti prying.
Compact, easy to install, no left, right, front, reverse side limitation, and allowing mechanical lash-up unlocking position.
Self Elastic Design: Elasticity adjustable, suitable for weight 0.5~4kg door. 
Application: Delivery Lockers, refrigerated cabinet, mail or newspaper box, Self-Service Locker, Book Counter, Changing Clothes Cabinet etc.

Working mode: manual closing lock, power instant trigger lock mode.Normal closed status do not power consumption.
It is steady, durable and energy-saving and had a long lifespan.
In the anti-theft and shockproof design, the lock is better than other kinds of locks.
Emergency unlock: lock body above the tail with an emergency unlock operation mechanism.
Versatility: The lock regardless of left and right, whether left or right door open are applicable.

Emergency unlock: lock body above the tail with an emergency unlock operation mechanism.
The lock with a peephole, you can easily adjust the closing state of the monitoring switch off the time point.

1, Before the installation of power (less than 0.8S time) to detect the operation of electronic control lock is flexible, check the door to monitor the switch status is normal, confirm the working status are normal and then the actual installation
2, In the repeated continuous power test, the power rate must follow the 5% limit, otherwise it will burn the coil, such as instantaneous power 0.8S, every 16S can only power once.
3,In the smart control lock tail leads to two two-core connector: connect the red and black two-wire connector for the electromagnet power supply terminal; connect the white and blue two-wire connector for the closed monitoring terminal, two connectors Are both positive and negative.


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