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 We have two businesses: 

First:  Offering services for machining, manufacturing tactical gears and hardware related parts. We are serving over 10 leading companies in the USACANADAUK, and GERMANY. Our “ QMSQ Factory” located in Shenzhen where near HongKong, We set up international team responsible for commutate with customers about the desire of new items, drawings, revising, making samples, following order, and confirm details with people in factory.  With CNC machining knowledge and rich experiences, our work will be more effective and save time as well as save money.  Customers will feel easy to talk with us. We welcome you to visit our factory if possible.


Second: We design and develop our own products mainly are consumer electronics and healthcare kits.

 This is another team to accomplish; we participate in some projects as  investors and parts supplier, We can sell the products at agent price.   For more details on this business            please visit this page:



Our Team:

A team of 100 skilled workers and 5 engineers enable us to come up with your all requirements in time with incomparable quality and standards you would certainly like to appreciate.

Turnaround Time:

We offer 6-8 hours turnaround time, the shortest in the marketplace.

For RUSH orders we offer 3-4 hours turnaround time.

Quality Assurance:

Your designs are assigned to your regular mechanical engineer

The head of department checks quality before we forward the goods.

Support official / your sales representative will touch you for feedback.

Price Structure:

We charge fee if making samples which can will refund you if production carry out massively.

We will quote you unit price reasonably based on factors such as material costs, working time, labor costs, working process; of course, we will send you solution to lower the costs.

We offer different price structures based on volume of designs, size, material, surface.

Little high pricing for Complicated and challenging designs.

You can send an email with the art work for a price quote.

Patent protection

We put emphasize of patent protection and value customer’s intellectual property because we know it’s not easy to make a product successful in one step, you need make lot of effort for it, We don’t need to survival by copy or sell Privately, We appreciated you trust us.  

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