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Benefits of using an AGV

Accountability – Can ensure that the quantity of items picked-up and delivered are same.
Automatic line balancing – Can replenish raw materials automatically in production or assembly areas.
Cost reduction – Repetitive manual work is certainly expensive. Therefore, AGV reduces the cost by a large degree.
Flexibility – You can customize the size and number of the AGVs as per the need of the warehouse.
Reduction in product damage – Reliability and precision are ensured when using AGV. Hence, the probability of product damage is low.
Repeatability – You can schedule the AGVs to perform tasks repeatedly.
Safety – As a result of minimizing human intervention, accidents are avoided.
Scheduling – AGV prioritizes tasks and performs them according to the schedules and rules.

we have solutions for anti-skid treatment so that make your AGV walking on oily floor.

 1: make positive pressure enough for walking 2: make vein ( line) on the surface of wheel. 3. and use good quality rubber material ,But the extra costs will be added a little.

AGV wheel configaration requiremets
Voltage:    DC24V    DC48V AC 220V
No.: Item Model: Specification
1 AGV drive wheel AGV total weight / Dead Load+ Load weight Single steering drive (  )
Double steering drive ( )
Four steering drive ( )
2 Steering wheel Installation height:        mm 230: big diameter load
200: big diameter load
170: rotation diameter small
160: Low height  / heavy load
130: Low height
3 Walking speed ratio Speed:  20m/ min
40m / min
60m/ min
90m/ min
4 Driving walking motor Brand :
Power:       w
Voltage:     v
Brushless DC Motor brand:
5 Walking brake Made in China  good quality 8N.m
6 Walking encode Made in China  good quality increment 1000 thread
7 Speed down and tuining motor Brand: Brand:
8 Sensor  Style: potentiometer:
increment encoder:
absolute value encoder:
9 limit switch npn Left and right limit position to switch:
Middle position to switch