The team that the founder Leo ho worked with was initially doing hardware and electromagnetic research and development, and later the technology was applied to electromagnetic locks, electromagnets, and we applied electromagnets to industrial sewing machines, which is what you see that our products are based on technical research and development rather than simple assembly, of course, other parts and accessories are from stable and reliable supplier support. Today, part of the team continues to make electromagnetic locks, and part of them manufacturing industrial sewing machines.
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Model 6200:     Making garments with thin and elastic fabric
Model 35800:   Making Jeans,with canvas ,Denim Fabric. 
Model 36800:   Making diving clothes with heavy duty material, like neoprene.

We are a young team, not only in age but in mentality. We respect technology, specialize in technology, and embrace the world and the future. When encountering problems, we patiently communicate with customers, business and technical personnel work closely together, and communicate quickly through the site and the Internet. In order to solve customer problems, our team is very stable and will not leave due to work differences. And we will always insist on cooperating, because we have the same goal in mind: serve customers well, make better products, learn, and grow together happily.
Every two years, we will go to Shanghai CISMA exhibition, meet new and old customers, and show consumers our latest technology and team strength.We are looking forward to your valuable advice. 
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