Diving Wetsuit sewing machine

:2022-08-04:282:sewing machines for making wetsuit
    Are you looking for a sewing machine that can make wetsuit? Congratulations! this wetsuit sewing machine will makes you exciting, you can use thick materials such as diving material Neoprene rubber, neoprene SBR CR to make wetsuit, the neoprene can be up to 10mm thick.

   When you make the decision to buy a machine, do the following three things:

1. Fully understand our team through the information, videos, pictures or video conversations I send you, if convenient, we can send video talk remotely, you can clearly see our workshop, how our team assembles this machine, trust is the basis of our cooperation.

2. Use the same method to judge the fabric used in this machine meet your requirements and stitching you expected, it is your purpose to buy the right wetsuit sewing machine. by talking with us, we will confirm the fabric, thread, tape, and then make a simple sample for you to check. Of course, you can also send us the material first, we will test it until you are completely at ease.

3. After placing an order and receiving the goods, please patiently follow the instruction to build the bracket, table, fix the machine to the table, and finally fill the lubricating oil, connect the wire, everything is ready, start your journey of making wetsuits.

   Wetsuit sewing machines available for ready to test and dispatch.

Men Winter Warm Neoprene Scuba Diving Wetsuit Hood Surfing Front Zipper Spearfishing Diving Suit;
This wetsuit sewing machine suitable for all water sports such as diving, Spearfishing, scuba diving, stand-up paddle surfing, surfing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, sports, seesaw, water skiing, windsurfing,etc

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