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We are a young team, not only in age but in mentality. We respect technology, specialize in technology, and embrace the world and the future. When encountering problems, we patiently communicate with customers, business and technical personnel work closely together, and communicate quickly through the site and the Internet. In order to solve customer problems, our team is very stable and will not leave due to work differences. And we will always insist on cooperating, because we have the same goal in mind: serve customers well, make better products, learn, and grow together happily.

Leo Ho

I am responsible for customer reception and team coordination. I am very grateful to customers for their requirements for making progress. I have strict requirements on ourselves to ensure the smooth progress of quality, service, delivery, and other process. We usually work late at night in order to communicate timely and efficiently with guests in different time zones.

Gray Ni
I am responsible for product development, especially solenoid lock and electromagnet as well as related hardware. I have more than 10 years of work experience in this industry. I am very honored to work with our team. We have achieved many successful cases in China and are serving global customers. Customers are welcome to order products and make requests, we will fully cooperate and give practical solutions.