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Item.: FB-4 sodium hypochlorite generatorsodium hypochlorite generator price Ahmedabad suppliers

Factory Direct hocl water generator Homemade Sodium Hypochlorite Sprayer 

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  • >=20000 Pieces

Are you looking for portable mini disinfectant generator ?

Flagbearer disinfectant generator featured as:

1.      Easy operation:  put salt and water only

2.      Save money: you can get it with a few dollars and making disinfectant repeatedly

3.      It’s effective by strictly tested in our lab,

4.      Widely used for washing clothes, cleaning house, washing hands,etc.

Our agent address:

Phase 4 Vatva GIDC, Vatva,Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India

Please contact Email: or WhatsApp: +86 18126328400

Our products made in China, selling in Ahmedabad

Buy disinfectant generator Ahmedabad suppliers in Gujarat not difficult.

Applicable scenarios

Furniture disinfection : High frequency contact area, such as door hand, porch, carpet, shoe cabinet, switch socket and etc.

Kitchen disinfection: it is used for soaking vegetables and fruits, cleaning refrigerators, knives, tableware, sinks, sewers, etc.

Bathroom disinfection: for cleaning toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks etc.  prevent to growth of viruses, bacteria or fungi

Baby toy disinfection: it can be used for disinfection and cleaning blocks , balls and other children’s toy.

Office disinfection, car disinfection

Wide range of applications: hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, beauty salon, pets ect.

The flag bearer belongs to the brand of Shenzhen Yilvyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, has independent R&D and production capabilities, complete qualifications, and has a number of invention patents in the "Sanitation License for Sanitary Products Manufacturing Enterprises" 02-No. 9245 Patent No.: 201510931159.X 202030148796.1. Our products: disinfectant generator, non-contact button pen, mask wearing pendant, ultraviolet disinfection pen, commercial disinfectant manufacturing instrument, etc. The product has low cost and does not need to be purchased repeatedly The disinfectant is small and portable, and can be reused. Our commonly used disinfectants have their own characteristics. 84 disinfectants are highly irritating and corrosive high-risk products. They need to be diluted to a suitable concentration by themselves. The concentration needs to be accurately grasped. In addition, due to the storage and transportation needs of the manufacturers, stabilizers are added. After use, the stabilizers are strong manufacturers, with complete qualifications, price control, large bargaining, online red explosions, and new products. The market for effective killing and sterilization is broad. , Welcome domestic and overseas, online and offline agents to discuss cooperation.

Low testing, a lack of faith and stigma

"People reporting late to hospitals can be one of the major reasons," says Bharat Gadhvi, head of Ahmedabad Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association.

With private hospitals either refusing or unable to admit Covid-19 patients, many have been reluctant to seek treatment in government hospitals, doctors say. The reasons include poor facilities as well as a lack of trust in the quality of care.

Doctors have said stigma could be a reason too. Dr Randeep Guleria, head of India's biggest public hospital, referred to this after meeting doctors at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital staff in May.

"One important issue that was discussed is the stigma attached to Covid-19. People still fear coming to hospitals to get tested."

May saw a jump in hospital admissions, possibly because of increased screening and testing, which led doctors and officials to identify potential "super spreaders" - such as fruit and vegetable vendors, and shopkeepers.

But public health experts say testing was still low in parts of the city, especially in what they call the "old city", parts of which are walled off.

"The government showed a lack of focus in dealing with the situation, especially in containment zones," says Kartikeya Bhatt, an economics professor.

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