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Item.: HR801 walkie talkieHR801 Walkie talkie for Children Best Gift Toys for Kids Outdoor Adventure, Camping, Hiking

Walkie Talkies 2 Pack with 3 KMs Long Range 22 Channels,Walkie Talkies Children Toys Gift for Boys and Girls to Outside Adventure Camping Hiking

  • 1-49 Pairs
  • 50-99 Pairs
  • 100-1999 Pairs
  • >=3000 Pairs

  LEAVE YOUR FRUSTRATION AT THE DOOR with our Easy To Use 3 Channel Digital Design; Get your kids set up in a matter of seconds with their new Walkie-Talkies, and the channel locking feature will keep them on the right channel; You can just sit back and relax:)
   FUN PACKAGING MAKES FOR A GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT - The last thing you want to do is give a gift in a boring box, so we created a super exciting box that works whether you are giving a birthday, Christmas or even just a “being good last week” Gift
  GIVE YOURSELF A LITTLE FREE TIME - Keep your children entertained for hours; the long lasting battery life will allow your boys and girls to play non stop, and will have constant entertainment with the built in flashlight, cool call alert function, 2 MILE RANGE, and the handy dandy belt clip all included in this kit (3 AAA batteries per unit required, sold separately)
   THERE IS NO GREATER WARRIOR THAN A MOTHER PROTECTING HER CHILD - All of our products are tested and approved by USA accredited CPSC and FCC labs to ensure full safety and compliance with our countries high standards; We are parents and completely understand how important safety is when our children are playing with their toys
  NO WORRIES! We know you and your kids will be extremely happy with your new Walkie Talkies. We are so confident in this product that your purchase includes our MANUFACTURERS 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND A 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY 

These walkie talkies help you keep in touch with friends and family on all your outdoor expeditions.The ringing call alert lets your friends know you want to speak to them. Work up to a range of 3km.


1.Range of 3~5 KM in different situations, makes you communicate comfortably. 
2. Three channels of FRS signal with LED display let you have more choices.
3. Auto squelch places you in a comfortable conversation.
4. Environment friendly and radiationless.
5. Call alert & press to talk buttons not to miss the conversation.
6. Night light, you can operate in night.
7. 3*AAA batteries saves your energy.  ( batteries not included)
8. Clear voice and easy operation.
9. Built in flashlight.
10.With Belt clip

At first, we felt like a 3 channel design might be a disadvantage. However, after doing hours and hours of playing with children and many different walkie talkies, most kids had a really hard time remembering what channel to stay on and actually keeping their unit on the same channel the entire time. Our 3 Channel Design was made just for this reason! Not only is it super simple to see and remember what channel you are on, you also have to hold down the channel selector button 3 seconds before the channel will change; taking the risk out of accidentally changing the channel.

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