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Item.: FB-6travel mini small Portable hocl acido hipocloroso generator disinfectant water maker

travel mini small Portable hocl acido hipocloroso generator disinfectant water maker

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This is our new product, It will be on sale at OCT 23,2020. 
Features as:
1. It can sterilize your SUV,bag,walkie talkies during travelling.
2. you make generator only with water,salt and power souce, small quantity salt should be enough.
3. Why not save dollars on buying disinfectant ? just make it easily and have fun.

Mini-travel outdoor sodium hypochlorite disinfectant generator: produce 45 ml of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant with a concentration of about 200ppm in 2 minutes.
The product is small, exquisite and portable, and the salt box is integrated in the product.
Charging function, sharing mobile phone charger for charging.
One-key start, automatic shutdown after production is completed.
It is used for disinfection and sterilization of toilets, bathtubs, tea cups, bedside tables, desktops, or other places where you are not worried about sanitation during hotel stays.


Don't buy disinfectant over again. Just make it at home.
Save money ! Save time !
You can make disinfectant with 2g salt and a cup of water within 5 minutes only. Highly effective sterilization, effective sterilization 99.99%, better than alcohol and other disinfectants
Small and portable, exquisite
It can be sealed after bottling, can be stored for more than one week, can be gift for friends and relatives, love yourself and your lovers.
 1.  Unlimited and flexible self-made disinfectant, saving disinfection and cleaning expenses for a long time.
 2.  Increase DIY life fun. Families with children can allow children to participate in production and allow children to
    experience scientific practice activities.

3, can effectively remove the odor in the air, fresh air.
 4.  Compared with other commonly used disinfectants, alcohol is flammable, explosive, and volatile, and in some cases, the sterilization effect is not durable enough. The concentration of 84 disinfectant solution is too high, the irritation is too strong, there will be different degrees of adverse reactions after inhalation, it is necessary to temporarily dilute to a suitable concentration during use, it is not easy to grasp; In addition, because of storage and transportation needs, a stabilizer is added. After use, The stabilizer will remain on the surface of the object.

Applicable places:
Clean the surfaces of pollutants such as kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, floors, toilets, trash cans, door handles, etc.
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