Options of custom configuration:   ( MOQ may required if some items out of stock, please mark your selection and send back to us for confirmation )

1.Colors: Black in stock, Sliver, Green, Gray, Brown available if required.

2.   with feedback signal wire ;       without feedback signal wire
3.  Open-door signal        close-door signal     (ignore option 3 if you require lock made without signal wire)
     Explanation: the screen on lockers showing signal feedback once open the door, example of feedback: “ welcome to use ” “ please save your belongs to XXX” “ door opened left “;   It showing signal feedback once close the door, Example " Thank you" " welcome to use next time" " please close the door“.
4 . Voltage: 12V 2A , 24V 1A
5.  Latches (striker): 21.5mm ,25mm, 26mm, 28mm,30mm, 33mm,36mm;  ( the base size are same)
6. Custom wires and connectors available.
7. Plastic case for each model available.