Customized walkie talkie color box

Material Gray-bottom white board paper, white cardboard, powder gray paper mounted E flute, kraft paper, etc.

Color Four colors + spot colors

Printing offset printing

Surface technology: Abdominal bright film, dumb film, bronzing, bump, UV and other processes

Features Diversified colors, advanced equipment printing, wide variety, novel design and individuality

Formal style. The form and style of packaging design is composed of different era trends and regional cultural differences. It is usually related to human factors and requires layout and conception in creation. Although the style of packaging design is expressed in form, the style has a profound accumulation of social development, art and culture.

Plane layout, plane layout is the core of packaging design. When creating artistic conception beauty in plane layout, attention should be paid to the performance of national, contemporary and local design styles. It should be noted that the creation of artistic conception must capture the human heart, and the different psychological characteristics of people can be analyzed through human behavior patterns.

Color layout. Color is the easiest information content to enter the brain in packaging design, and the color tone in packaging design is the infinite charm that arises with the concept of packaging planning. The visual effects of color on people are also reflected in physical properties, such as weight, size, temperature, distance and so on. People have different likes and dislikes for different colors. This psychological reaction is often caused by associations of peoplechr(34)s life experiences. Therefore, in the packaging design, the colors should be unified and varied, not monotonous, not messy, and the colors have the main, the second and the center, forming a complete, harmonious and comfortable visual whole.

1. The surface of the packaging paper card product is clean, free of scratches, indentations, scratches, dirt, friction and discoloration, etc., with reliable quality, beautiful shapes, eye-catching colors, and a strong sense of hierarchy.

2. The processing methods are diversified. We can design according to customer requirements, or provide sample printing with customers, such as bronzing, hot silver, embossing, partial glazing, UV, nailing, laminating, oil polishing, bags Bottom baffle, etc. It adopts high-quality Japanese imported Komori printing system, computer monitors the ink volume throughout the process, and is processed by a Pola paper cutting machine. The cutting is accurate. The effect is by no means comparable to ordinary business card machines and printers, and the quality is guaranteed.

3. Numbers, letters, and special symbols are printed clearly and completely, without obvious deinking, stains (the error is less than 0.4 times the width of the bar), no missing strokes, and the printing surfaces rub against each other, and the ink will not be discolored due to friction.

Walkie talkie user manual customization:

We can customize manuals in different languages or in multiple languages, and make them into a fold or a book layout

Customized two way radio cartoon box:

Durable 5-layer corrugated paper, foldable

Surface Finish: Matt Lamination

                            5-ply carton box

Product Details


 Fashion,high quality


 Durable grey board,Art Paper.


 Customizing is welcome 


 Any color is available 


 Customizing or our mould


 Embossing,Stamping,UV Coating ,etc


 1pcs in polybag,10-35pcs in 5 flute corrugated carton


 Based on size & material,thickness

Purchase info

9.Minimum order:


10.Sample time

 2-3 working days.

12.Lead time

 15-25 days after confirmed the order,and based on the QTY


 General take T/T.other payments also can be discussed.

12.Unit Price

 FOB Shanghai, (also can CIF Desitination)