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Model No.: WA1226-6A-02Normally open 2 way 3 position mini solenoid valve

Product Material: Preferred steel adopts precision high-strength rigid material, which is strong and durable and can be used in high and low temperature and other harsh environment
Product performance: large voltage regulating range, low noise, low heating, low interference, long service life and other advantages
Product customization: can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the special requirements of customers
Products applicable: household appliances, medical, beauty, massage equipment, adult products, etc.
Our solenoid valve selection material has the characteristics of high quality, low noise, long life, stable performance and so on. Welcome to inquire and cooperate.
Rated Voltage : DC 4.5v     DC 6V     DC 12V
Rated Current : 240mA 205mA  140mA
Power : 1.44W
Structure: Normally open,Three position two way
Flow:                      >3.0 LPM
Specified load:          350mmHg
Exhaust time : <5 S
Insulation Class:             A

Use environment:      0~50℃,75%RH

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