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Model No.: solenoid lock customelectromagnetic solenoid locker lock manufacturer

  • Voltage & Current : DC12V 2A; Action Type: Push Pull
  • Package Content : 1 x Electromagnet Solenoid Lock
  • Easy to Install - It's with simple structure,and it can save the energy and the time during the installation for you.
  • Self Elastic Design - Elasticity adjustable, suitable for weight 0.5~2kg door
  • Security- Latch hook can bear 150kg traction, won't obvious permanent deform permanently, shockproof, anti prying

solenoid locker lock Specification:

1. Size: 73*55*13mm can be customized small size.

2. Working method: independent function (lock when power off,unlock immediately when power on).

3. Voltage: 5V4A,12V/2A, 12V/1.5A ,24V/0.8A customizable.

4. Mechanical lifespan: over 500,000 times.

5. Electromagnet lifespan: over 1,000,000 times under rating conditions.

6. Unlock test: Build-in test.

7. Can be used for self bounced off (customizable).

8. Material: Aluminum

9. Surface :Electroplating paint (Neutral smoke experiment time: over 48 hours)

10. Security: The hook can withstand 150kg of tension without obvious permanent deformation, with shockproof and anti-pry function.

11. Environment temperature: can working in range over 60 degrees to 10 degrees below zero.

12. Installation: Reserved mechanical emergency unlock position,Easy install.

Rated Voltage DC12V
Resistance 9 Ω ± 10% @20°C
Currency 1.333A
Power 16W
Dielectric Withstand 600VAC/1Sec
Insulation Resistance 500VDC/100M Ω
Energize Rate 15% (conduction time: 8s Max)
Insulation Grade Class B(130°C)
Attractive Force

DC12V    Stroke: 5mm


About solenoid locker lock advantage , we have a hardware processing team and all the materials used have environmental protection certification. Our products are in stock and can be delivered immediately. At the same time, we can design according to your cabinets and game machines.


Unit size : 73 * 55 * 13 mm Weight : 0.15kgPacking case 100 pcs Carton Size: 330*360*130mm  Carton weight : 0.785kg


Working mode:

manual closing lock, power instant trigger lock mode.Normal closed status do not power consumption.
It is steady, durable and energy-saving and had a long lifespan.
In the anti-theft and shockproof design, the lock is better than other kinds of locks.
Emergency unlock: lock body above the tail with an emergency unlock operation mechanism.

Versatility: The lock regardless of left and right, whether left or right door open are applicable.

Emergency unlock: lock body above the tail with an emergency unlock operation mechanism.

The lock with a peephole, you can easily adjust the closing state of the monitoring switch off the time point.


1. Before the installation of power (less than 0.8S time) to detect the operation of electronic control lock is flexible, check the door to monitor the switch status is normal, confirm the working status are normal and then the actual installation2. In the repeated continuous power test, the power rate must follow the 5% limit, otherwise it will burn the coil, such as instantaneous power 0.8S, every 16S can only power once.3. In the smart control lock tail leads to two two-core connector: connect the red and black two-wire connector for the electromagnet power supply terminal; connect the white and blue two-wire connector for the closed monitoring terminal, two connectors Are both positive and negative.



About us :

      Solenoid locker lock used in cabinet,cases,etc. Our team have been engaged in developing and manufacturinghigh-end solenoid (electromagnetic) parts and related product since 2007. located in Shenzhen China. We have a large R&D team consisting of  5 mechanical engineers, 3 electronic engineers .We have advanced equipment which making us capable of producing high-quality items at competitive prices and offer efficient services and timely delivery. 




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