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Model No.: Solenoid lock board PCBA control board for solenoid lock

The lock control board adopts RS485 communication interface, supports a variety of electronically controlled locks, supports lock signal feedback, supports 12V and 24V electronically controlled locks, and lock feedback mode can be configured by software, with independent PTC self-recovery fuse, support lock short circuit protection With a protection current of 3A, the configuration tool software is provided, and the user can freely change the communication protocol and lock feedback type.
The lock control board is widely used in storage cabinets, letter boxes, lockers, logistics cabinets, file cabinets, lockers, vending machines, mobile phone cabinets, shoe cabinets and other centralized control cabinets. Widely used in: schools, community logistics, hotels, factories, bathing centers, troops, banks, supermarkets, prisons and other places.

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