Model No.: pzt2166Double side piezo ceramic element,Max 30 V, 2800 Hz, with lead wires

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P8 P4 P5 Piezoceramic piezoelectric ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics is a kind of information functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy to each other-piezoelectric effect. In addition to piezoelectricity, piezoelectric ceramics also have dielectric properties and elasticity. Acoustic sensors, acoustic transducers, ultrasonic motors, etc. Piezoelectric ceramics are made by using their materials to cause relative displacement of the positive and negative charge centers inside the material under the action of mechanical stress, resulting in polarization, resulting in the opposite signs of bound charges appearing on both ends of the material, that is, the piezoelectric effect. It has sensitive characteristics. Ceramics are mainly used to manufacture ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic discriminators, high-voltage generators, infrared detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optical devices, In addition to being used in high-tech fields, ignition and detonation devices and piezoelectric gyros are used to serve people in daily life and work hard to create a better life for people.

we can customize the piezoelectric ceramic . please tell us specification you want, thank you .

home equipment & domotics
communication equipment
talking buzzer & door bell
computer equipment
cars, busses and trains
vending machines
multimedia equipment
 industrial equipment
portable voice recorders
paging systems
 public address systems
mobile phone
car audio system
Attribute Value
Maximum input voltage 30 Vp-p
Resonant frequency 2.8±0.5KHz
Resonant impedance 100Ωmax
Electrostatic capacitance 130,000 ±30% pF at 100 Hz / 1 V
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70° C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80° C
Plate Diameter 27mm
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