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Model No.: QM35800LAP SEAM MACHINE Feed-Off-The-Arm, 3-Needle Double Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

Great for making jeans wear,denim bags, denim dress or pants, denim jackets, work uniforms, etc. This Jeans wear sewing machine works ideal on denim and canvas fabric, The operation is comfortable due to stable and less noisy servo motor. It has the capability to work for more than 10 hours until your shift is over.Please inquiry us if you are interesting in purchasing it.  we will send you the following information

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Sewing form Three needles six threads sewing machine
Application Medium~high thickness: jeans, labor jacket, uniform
Max sewing speed 4500spm stitches per minute 
Needle distance 6.4mm(1/4”)
Stitch length 2.1mm~3.6mm(standard 3.2mm) 
Needle No. UY130GS(standard)/Nm140(#22)
Needle bar area 33mm
Thread quantity 6 rolls
Weight(head) 23.5kg
Presser foot lift Max 9mm(6.5mm default)
Top feed roller width 11.9mm
Feed adjustment method Main feed: Slide-type stitch -length adjusting method 
Differential feed: lever adjustment method 
Without the differential feed capability 
Lubricating method Automatic rotary pump oil
 Lapseamers that climb sixteen plies with ease. When sewing in - or out - seams on light to heavy-weight material,there's nothing better than a 35800. With an upper driven roller feed , these jeans felling machines simplify feeding. They glide over the thickest seams, and finish with the plies evenly matched. The 35800 Series offers a wide range of machine features, sewing parts and options to select from, in every combination.
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