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Model No.: QM36800LAP SEAM 4 Needle Double Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machine Neoprene Extra Heavy Duty Fabric

    This industrial sewing machine is specially designed for making products with thick materials such as neoprene. The height of presser foot can be up to 10mm, which means that you can use extra heavy duty materials for making wetsuit, elbow pad, knee pad, stubby cooler, etc. Please inquiry us if you are interesting in purchasing it.  we will send you the following information
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Application: Making diving suit,knee pad,elbow pad,buoyancy vest,water sleeve,fishing clothing,surf wear,swimming gloves,bikini,laptop bag,diving shoes etc.
Max. sewing speed: 4,500sti/min
Needle distance: 6.4mm(1/4”)
Stitch length: 2.1mm~3.6mm(standard 3.2mm) 
Needle No.: UY130GS(standard)/Nm140(#22)
Needle bar area: 33mm
Thread quantity: 6 rolls
Feed adjusting method (main feed):Slide-type stitch -length adjusting method.
Feed adjusting method (differential feed):Lever adjusting method; Without the differential feed capability.
Installation method:To be installed on the table by means of an auxiliary drive assembly MT03.
This machine demonstrates increased feed efficiency to handle extra heavy weight 16-ply denim.  Engineered with extra feeding strength for seaming the inside of jeans. The machine is best suited for lap seaming jeans, neoprene fabric clothes. constructed of extra heavy weight materials.

Packing list
Machine head,Motor,Thread stand,Parts, tools
Machine base
Control box, Tape feeder
Working table, working stand
Working stand (long side)

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