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Model No.: QM6200Direct Drive Feed-Off-The-Arm 4 Needle 6 Thread Flat Seam Sewing Machine

This flat seam sewing machine is ideal for sewing thin items like swimwear,beachwear,sportswear, and more.Ensures smooth feeding of various fabric; from single jersey to fleece, stretchable and uneven thickness portion. Besides, overlapping amount of upper / lower fabric is easily adjustable.

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Equipped with direct-drive servo motor ensures lower power consumption, less noisy and no vibration to achieve a highly efficient sewing work. The new eyeleting design receives a consistent and beautifully-finished interlock flatseaming stitches. 
The micro-adjustment of dual differential feed ratio can receive a higher quality of sewn product.It also obtains free puckering from light to medium materials such as silk,lycra,fleece,etc.
We have 4 models for your choose.

Model (6200series) Trimmer Needle distance Pressure Foot 
QM-6200-12MS double 6.0mm(15/64 inches) Max. 6mm 
QM-6200-01MR single 5.2mm(13/64 inches) Max.8mm
QM-6200-01MS single 6.0mm(15/64 inches) Max.8mm
QM-6200-12MR double 5.2mm(13/64 inches) Max. 6mm
Description: High speed feed-off-the-arm machine for flat seaming(oil-free)
Dimensions: 420mm(L)x300mm(W)x310mm(H)
Working space: Cylindrical shape of 210mm in front of needle drop
Weight: 23kg (machine head only)
Stitch Type: ISO 406, 605, 608
Sewing Speed: Up to 3800rmp, 3000rmp in usual
Stitch Length: 1.6-2.5mm The number of stitches 10-16 stitches per inch(25.4mm) 12-19 stitches per 30mm
Needle System: Sewing needle: Organ FL x 118GCS,, Groz-Beckert UY118GKS
Retainer needle: Organ FLG-1, FLF-8(with scarf)
Groz-Becket 36211.36211A(with scarf) Feed Regulation: By lever
Differential Ratio: Max. normal differential:1.0:1.5
Max. reverse differential: 1.0:0.7
Lubrication: Automatically by gear pump
Lubrication oil: OIL NO.68
Capacity of Oil reservoir : Frame: about 100c
Cylinder: about 100cc
Circumference of Cylinder: 148mm at needle drop
Differential Feed regulation: By dial
Knives of Fabric Cutting: Both upper and lower knives made of special steel
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