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Model No.: WA-3264Switching and closing electromagnet Electromagnetic solenoid

Manufacturer direct sales / excellent material / copper coil / intelligent reset / durable

Overcurrent electromagnet Material: pure copper enameled wire coil 3MM thick paste chrome-plated shell

Scope of application: VS1 vacuum circuit breaker / ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker

Strict material selection The quality of the spring Adopted spring power without remanence, low power consumption and low temperature, durableFine quality3MM thick iron chrome platingThe shell is made of 3MM thick iron and chrome plating, which is solid in one body, less remanent magnetism and long service life.

Specializing in the production of Pure copper coils Adopt pure copper enameled wire winding, good heat resistance, good electrical conductivity.

Product Description
 * Electrician pure iron shell, less residual magnetism, integrated molding, stronger magnetic permeability
* Built-in core, more conductive and low power consumption
* Power-driven core load off by the spring return(Please note, relatively soft springs, only the iron core reset) Push nut
convenient headband fixed object, such electromagnet by impact work. Inertial force huge impact.
* Suitable For: Vending machines, transport equipment, office facility household appliance, mechanical, etc.
* Three months can be returned, half a year can be exchanged
Rated voltage:DC12V
Current: 8A
Usage range: Wide range of use, home appliances, vending machines, game consoles, car door locks.
Package include: 1pc x Small electromagnetic Electric Magnet
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