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Model No.: JY38-4052Small size solenoid lock for mini locker

Specifications for general configuration:
1. Size: 53*40*13mm .  Color: Sliver  Voltage: 12V 2A; 24V 1A.
2.  With super-thin and small design, it save much more space for install inside your Equipment.
3.  Working method: independent function (lock when power off, unlock immediately when power on).
4.  Mechanical lifespan: over 500,000 times.
5.  Electromagnet lifespan: over 1,000,000 times under rating conditions.
6. Unlock test: Build-in test.
7. Mechanical emergency lever for manual unlocking in case of power failure.
8. Material: zinc alloy
9. Environment temperature: can working in range over 60 degrees to 10 degrees below zero.
Security: The hook can withstand 150kg of tension without obvious permanent deformation, with shockproof and anti-pry function.Surface : Electroplating paint (Neutral Salt spray test time: over 48 hours) copper plating, nickel plating, galvanizing or electrophoresis black available.
Packing information of solenoid lock
Unit weight:    0.17KG      packing case: 100pcs
carton weight: 18.0KG     carton size: 36*33*13cm
Options of custom configuration:   ( MOQ may required if some items out of stock, please mark your selection and send back to us for confirmation )
1.Colors: Black in stock, Sliver, Green, Gray, Brown available if required.
2.   with feedback signal wire ;       without feedback signal wire
3.  Open-door signal        close-door signal     (ignore option 3 if you require lock made without signal wire)
     Explanation: the screen on lockers showing signal feedback once open the door, example of feedback: “ welcome to use ” “ please save your belongs to XXX” “ door opened left “;   It showing signal feedback once close the door, Example " Thank you" " welcome to use next time" " please close the door“.
4 . Voltage: 12V 2A , 24V 1A
5.  Latches (striker): 21.5mm ,25mm, 26mm, 28mm,30mm, 33mm,36mm;  ( the base size are same)
6. Custom wires and connectors available.
7. Plastic case for each model available.
As a solenoid lock manufacturer, we work hard for making each locks with verified certificates & QC approved,Our solenoid locks widely used for locking electronic lockers, smart express cabinet, vending machines, electronic newspaper boxes and etc. Having been through electrophoresis, the lock is steady, reliable and strictly functional. please visit page solenoid lock factory tour to learn about how we producing your locks and our production team.
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